Nea Arche

Nea Arche (New Beginning) is Multimedia web magazine (in Greek) of the grassroots political network DEKA (Ten). D.E.K.A. (Democratic Union of Social Solidarity) has the center as a meeting point for citizens from different ideological backgrounds. Deka is a blog for the public dialogue of DEKA's friends which is no longer active.


Nastagia is an agency for publicity professionals (artists +). Proffesions included are; a) musicians, models, dancers, actors, presenters b) photographers, videographers, hairdressers, make-up artists, stylists, c) writers, screenwriters, directors, visual artists, designers. We focus on the first group and the second has a complementary function. In the future we will expand to the third group.


Description of GReACTIV's departments. Activities include; a) communication, advertising, public relations, visual & audio productions, graphic design, publications, website design & promotion b) networks & retail chains, business & investment consulting, projects & entrepreneurship.


Pragmatika (Really) is an anti-establishment multimedia web magazine with articles, photos, videos, audios in a variety of subjects like social, politics, psychology, philosophy, religion, technology, fashion, beauty, nutrition, exercise, health, landscapes, events, books, music, dance, TV, movies, theater, visual arts. It seeks to achieve a system's bypass. It is politically neutral and anti-systemic. Most articles, videos and audios are in Greek. There are a few videos with no words and a few songs from Nastag musicians.


Photos for Pragmatika are presented on a separate website which is a web photo magazine. Download is not allowed. We created, Photos 2 a second site for photos where downloading is permitted. We leave photos on the first site for a while and then we move them to the second. Some we upload directly to the second site. 

Web Books

Part of some books is shown for free and their summaries (in Greek). There are offers for printed and web books if a reader wishes to continue reading.